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How to View Bangla Font (Unicode)

by tarique on February 11th, 2010

Please follow the following steps to properly setup your PC for Bangla Unicode support:

1. To view Bangla in Microsoft Windows XP you need to install Windows complex script. To install complex script go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Language, and then check the “Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages” option. You will need your Windows XP SP2 installer CD to install these new files. You can also download this from here.

You do not need to install Windows complex script If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

2. Download Unicode Bangla fonts from here. You will find SolaimanLipi, Siyam Rupali, AponaLohit, Bangla, Likhan, Vrinda fonts out there.

3. Now copy all Unicode fonts and paste it to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts. If you are Ubuntu Linux user then visit here.

4. Setup your web browser for Unicode.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Tools -> Options.
2. From this OPTIONS window, go to CONTENTS tab
3. From FONTS and COLORS section, select DEFAULT FONT to Solaimanlipi. Now, click on ADVANCED BUTTON then select BENGALI from the drop down list for option FONTS FOR
5. Select SolaimanLipi for all rest of the options.
6. Select “Unicode – (UTF-8)” from the drop down list for option “Default Character Encoding”
7. Go VIEW menu and set the CHARACTER ENCODING or ENCODING feature to:”Unicode (UTF-8)”


1. Tools -> Preferences.
2. In general tab, click on the Details button. Click the Add button.
3. Select Bangla/বাংলা from the list and OK.
4. Go to Advanced > Fonts > International Font
5. In the Writing System, choose “Bengali” and under “Normal font”, you should see the Bangla fonts installed in your system. From the list, choose “Solaiman Lipi”
6. Click OK. Close the Preference dialog box. Your Opera Browser is now ready to perfectly render Bangla web pages.

Internet Explorer

1. control panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Language, and check the “Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages” option. You will asked for Windows XP SP2 installer CD to install these new files.
2. Select the Language Tab and check the “Install Files for Complex scripts and light-to-left languages (including Thai)”. It will ask for Confirmation, Click on OK.
3. On Language Tab, Select the OK button and then insert the Windows XP CD and click OK for copy the required file.
4. In Internet Explorer, Tools->Internet Options…
5. In General Tab, Click on Language Button
6. and In Language Preference Dialog window, click on “Add…”
7. In Add Language Dialog window, select Bengali and click OK
8. In Language Preference Dialog Window, Click OK
9. In Internet Explorer, Select View->Encoding and select Unicode (UTF-8)
10. again, Tools->Internet Options. In general Tab, click Font and select Bengali from the Drop-down menu.
11. select SolaimanLipi font in “Webpage Font” and “Plain Text Font” box, then select OK.
12. Select OK to finish in General Tab.

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